The Beginning

From a cosmic perspective, I am a girl in my mid-20s, who likes to think a lot, and write things down so that I can reflect upon these in a few days, a few months, a few years.

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“Music is one of those things that can totally transform the mood around you, make you feel like you’re in a different place” – the voices of Philosophiser Inside and all others who have listened to Yiruma combined While browsing Youtube for music to study to, I once again stumbled across music by Yiruma. Something […]

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Coping with Negative Experiences

“Trying to forget is normal, and part of the healing process. But it is a huge relief when you realize the past is just that – the past.” Philosophiser Inside When something really terrible happens to one, they are forced to learn to cope with it. To explore different ways of making the negative feelings […]

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  “It’s not just a cartoon. It’s a perfectly executed vision of a carefully thought out philosophy”– Philosophiser Inside   I love anime for a variety of reasons. Sometimes – like in the case of the anime called Haikyuu! – what I love is the growth of the characters, the story telling of how a […]

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